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Guarantee & Warranty

The GNS-Electronics GmbH grants two-year guarantee from the date of the shipment of the goods for any errors or defects in a product features. For accumulators and batteries can only be given half a year warranty, because they are deemed as  wearing parts. The warranty extends to products which have errors or defects at the delivery of the goods. Such an error may be that…

·         the product is damaged or polluted at the time of the delivery.

·         the supply does not match the product description in our online shop.

the goods as measured by the price-performance ratio disproportionately quickly gets signs of wear. If the goods are damaged by misuse or improper handling or if there are normal depreciation or wear and tear (especially for the battery) after a reasonable time, this is no reason for complaint. In case of wear and tear, the complaint can be accepted if the merchandise has proved to be a low quality in relation to the product and the purchase price in the online shop.
In case of complaint please send the failing or faulty goods back to:

GNS-Electronics GmbH
Adenauerstr. 18
52146 Wuerselen
Fax: 02405/4148 19

Please enclose a copy of the purchase receipt with the date, your name and address and a closely as possible detailed description of the reason of complaint.
If the Global Navigation Systems GNS GmbH can offer no comparable product, you will receive a refund of the purchase amount. After the return shipment is received by us, you should expect 1-3 weeks processing time.

The return postage must be paid by the customer, the replaced or repaired goods will be shipped by GNS-Electronics GmbH freight prepaid.

Returns without our clearance or freight collect returns will not be accepted!!