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GNS GmbH - Global Navigation Systems

Innovator, developer and manufacturer of TMC solutions know where where to go

Based on worldwide standardized Traffic Message Channel (TMC) information, GNS hard- and software solutions provide the basis for traffic situation dependent navigation equipment.

GNS TMC receivers are compliant to the TMC standard. Under ongoing development, GNS products meet today's and future requirements and support worldwide public and commercial TMC. The highly specialized technical team provide high quality standards and continuous product support and development with the customer viewpoint in mind.

GNS hardware modules and software interface offer an easy and reliable way to integrate TMC traffic information into existing navigation applications. GNS solutions cover the whole range of stand alone devices, after-  market TMC products, combined GPS-TMC receivers and integrated components for embedded TMC.

Important technologies and solutions from the enterprise, founded 1998 in Würselen near Aachen/Germany, are protected by trademarks and patents.

December - 2013