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5892 ADS-B

GNS, developer and manufacturer of module solutions since over 10 years, presents the new GNS5892 ADS-B module for 1090MHz “Virtual Radar” monitoring.The high dynamic signal processing circuit allows to receive ADS-B reception from near field to wide range simultanously. The module integrates a sensitive RF frontend , signal processing , a high speed data decoder and an output uart that can be easily connected to a host processor. GNS5892 features a special ultra fast level adaption circuit that eliminates the so called “doughnut effect”.

• ADS-B all-in-one module
• max. sensitivity -87dBm
• no “doughnut effect”
• Small outline 26x14x3mm
• Low power consumption : 60mA
• Frame decode indicator output
• Easy to mount stamp hole PCB design
• Evaluation Board with USB bridge available

• Aviation safety
• “Virtual Radar” for small aircrafts
• Add- on data for flight navigation
• Ground equipment
• Virtual Radar for ground based equipment
• Hand held “plane spotting” devices
• Data loggers for internet based online Virtual Radar system

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