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GNS 2301 GPS GLONASS Module SirfStar V

The GNS2301 module utilizes the new generation CSR SirF V GNSS chip that supports GPS and GLONASS simultaneously.

Due to its capability to use GLONASS and GPS at the same time, GNS2301 benefits from the higher availability of satellites in critical environments. The navigation performance and accuracy is further improved by using the correction data from SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS), QZSS.

First Fixes after just a few seconds are achieved with the help of three different A-GPS technologies. The module supports self prediction CGEE. Server based AGPS (SGEE) and realtime AGPS is available on request. These services are provided by CSR and are not free of charge. They are available only for high quantities.

GNS2301 is based on Sirf chipset of the 5th generation. It includes a ROM based software code and a patch RAM for later software improvements. Using the patch option is recommended by the chip manufacturer CSR.

Several Low Power Mode options make it easy to implement this module in power sensitive, battery supplied applications.

Low power requirements (~90mW@ 3.3V, full activity) and internal voltage regulators make it easy to run the module with various power supplies and allows direct connection to LiIon batteries.

GNS2301 offers the industry’s highest level of navigation sensitivity down to -165dBm. It has superior dynamic performance at high velocity and provides effective protection against interference signals. Up to 8 independent channel interference can be eliminated or reduced.

For easy test and evalution, a Starter Kit is available.



  • GLONASS and GPS simultaneously
  • 52 channels
  • Ultra high GPS tracking/navigation sensitivity: -165dBm/-160dBm
  • Ultra high GLONASS tracking/navigation sensitivity: -163dBm/-159dBm
  • Extremely fast TTFF at low signal level
  • QZSS, SBAS (WAAS,EGNOS,MSAS,GAGAN) correction support
  • Active Interference Canceller for GPS-in-band jammer rejection
  • Embedded logger function (external SPI flash needed)
  • High accuracy 1PPS output
  • NMEA-0183 or binary protocol
  • High update rate (up to 5/s)
  • GPS+GLONASS Consumption current(@3.3V):
  • Acquisition: 30mA Typical
  • Tracking: 28mA Typical
  • Low Power operating modes
  • User selectable host interface : UART / SPI / I2C
  • hibernate current consumption 50uA, typical
  • SMD type LGA; a stamp holes adaptor is available for manual solder process
  • Small form factor: 10.0x9.3x2.0 mm


  • Navigation
  • In-vehicle Navigation equipment
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Portable (“nomadic”) devices
  • Netbooks, tablet PCs and mobile phones
  • Location based applications
  • GPS Logger
  • GPS Tracker
  • Security devices
  • Camera equipment
  • Geofencing
  • Health and fitness devices


Download GNS 2301 Data Sheet

Download GNS 2301 Starter Kit User Manual