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GNS 3301B GPS BEIDOU(BDS) Module MT-3333

The GNS3301B module utilizes the new generation MediaTek MT3333 GNSS chip that supports GPS and BEIDOU(BDS) simultaneously.

Due to its capability to use BEIDOU and GPS at the same time, GNS3301B benefits from the higher availability of satellites in critical environments. The navigation performance and accuracy is further improved by using the correction data from SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS), QZSS or DGPS(RTCM).

First Fixes after just a few seconds are achieved with the help of A-GPS using EPOTM ( Extended Prediction Orbit) and the EASYTM “self generated orbit prediction” algorithm. EASYTM (Embedded Assist System) does not require any resources or assist data from the host.

The excellent low power design makes it easy to implement this module in power sensitive, battery supplied applications. The new AlwaysLocateTM power management feature will improve this behaviour additionally. It adaptively adjusts power consumption depending on the environment and motion conditions, in order to achive a balance between fix rate, power consumption and position accuracy.

Very low power requirements (typ 112mW@ 3.3V) and internal voltage regulator makes it easy to run the module with various power supplies and allows direct connection to LiIon batteries.

GNS3301B offers the industry’s highest level of navigation sensitivity up to -165dBm. It has superior dynamic performance at high velocity and provides effective protection against interference signals using MTAICTM ( Multi-tone active interference canceller). Up to 12 independent channel interference continious wave jammers <-80dBm can be eliminated or reduced.

The embedded logger function LOCUS with a 16-hrs on chip memory makes this GNSS module a complete track logger for many applications. With AlwaysLocateTM data logging can be achieved up to 32-hrs under standard conditions.

In professional timing applications the outstanding high accuracy PPS (pulse per second) hardware pin is used for synchronization to GPS second. Typical accuracy is 10ns.



• BEIDOU(BDS) and GPS simultaneously

• 99 acquisition-/ 33 tracking channels

• Ultra high tracking/navigation sensitivity: -165dBm

• Extremely fast TTFF at low signal level

• QZSS, SBAS (WAAS,EGNOS,MSAS,GAGAN) or DGPS(RTCM) correction support

• A-GPS by EPO “Extended Prediction Orbit” TM enables 7/14days prediction

• 12 Multitone Active Interference Canceller (MTAIC) for GPS-in-band jammer rejection

• EASY TM : Self generated orbit prediction support

• AlwaysLocate TM : Intelligent Algorithm for power saving

• Embedded logger function

• High accuracy 1PPS output

• NMEA-0183 or binary protocol

• High update rate (up to 10/s)

• GPS+BEIDOU Consumption current(@3.3V):

Acquisition: 41mA Typical

Tracking: 34mA Typical

• Low backup current consumption 15uA, typical

• SMD type with stamp holes

• Small form factor: 10x9.3x2.0 mm


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