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GNS 2201 GPS Module MT3337


The new GNS2201 is an easy to implement and very economical complete GPS solution that is based on mediatek’s ROM chip technology. It can run from regulated supplies as well as directly with LiIon battery.

GPS engine, all clocks with RTC, an internal LNA, a SMPS power management circuit and a high precision time base are all integrated in the module. Adding an antenna (active or passive) and a single power supply is all that is needed to operate.

Lowest power requirements (12mA full power tracking current), small size, highest sensitivity, and many useful features make this solution an ideal choice for GPS-only applications. Further energy savings can be achieved by

using one of the internal power saving functions.

The navigation performance and accuracy is further improved by using the correction data from SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS), QZSS.The module measures just 10.0 by 9.3 by 2.0 mm.

GNS2201 offers the industry’s highest level of navigation sensitivity down to -165dBm. It has superior dynamic performance at high velocity and provides effective protection against interference signals. The MTAICTM (Multi-tone active interference canceller) can eliminate up to 12 channel interferences.


• 66 acquisition-/ 22 tracking channels

• Ultra high tracking/navigation sensitivity: -165dBm

• Extremely fast TTFF

• QZSS, SBAS (WAAS,EGNOS,MSAS,GAGAN) correction support

• A-GPS predicted / self predicted support

• Active Interference Canceller for GPS-in-band jammer rejection

• High accuracy 1PPS output

• NMEA-0183 or binary protocol

• Update rate up to 5 per second

• Low Power operating modes

• Direct battery operation from a single LiIon cell

• Hibernate current consumption 15uA, typical

• Small form factor: 10x9.3x2.0 mm


GNS 2201 Data Sheet

GNS 2201 StarterKit UserManual

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