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GNS 302uLP Ultra Low Power GPS Chip Antenna Module MT3339


Based on the MT3339 single chip solution the GNS 302uLP provides an easy to build-in SMD solderable complete GPS receiver solution. It has got an excellent low power consumption and supports up to 66 acquisition and 22 tracking channels, providing navigation sensitivity up to -165dBm. 


• Ultra high sensitivity: -165dBm
• Extreme-ultra low power consumption
• Fast TTFF at low signal level
• Embedded logger function
• NMEA-0183 or binary protocol (15,2kb/s)
• SMD type with stamp holes
• 66 acquisition- / 22 tracking channels
• A-GPS and EASY™ (Self generated orbit prediction) support
• Precision PPS output
• High update rate (up to 10/s)
• 12 Multi-tone Active Interference Canceller for GPS in-band jammer reduction
• AlwaysLocate™ Intelligent Algorithm (Advance Power Periodic Mode for power saving)

Power consumption

• Power supply                3.2 - 4.0 VDC
• GPS active (aquisition) 20 mA
• GPS active (tracking)    7 mA
• GPS Backup current       7 uA
• Small form factor:         10.0 x 15.7 x 2.0 mm
• RoHS certified

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